Friday, December 23, 2011

Trip to St Marry's Island and Udupi

Hi there,

Here I am with one more travel blog, Must say one of the hectic but memorable trip to Udupi. So here are the details.

How to Go 
Udupi is around 62 Km from Mangalore, which is the nearest Airport from here. Although it is very well connected to other cities through Railway as well as Buses. As I am staying in Bangalore, so I go through the Car. By Road it is around 450 Kms from Bangalore, which takes around 10-12 hrs to reach Udupi. Inspite of the long distance, you will enjoy the ride, as this road passes through Western Ghats, which gives you the closure to nature. Must say, awesome beauty and road is also good.

Where to Stay
There are many hotels, lodges near by the Udupi main city. And if you are interested in staying beach resort that is also there. Better you book your accommodation in advance. As it is not very far from the Mangalore, many people prefer to stay in Mangalore too, because there you will find more and better option. But I will suggest you to stay in Udupi itself.

What to Visit
Basically there are two places mainly for which people come here, one is the Krishna Temple and second is island(beach too).Udupi Krishna Temple is very old temple and quite popular too in the region. Although the old temple is not that big, but in that small space itself you will good architecture. Location wise it is situated in the centre of city. So even if you are there for leisure, visit this place too as it is must go place for Udupi.    
                   Second and main place is the St Marry's Island, the story behind the island is, when Vasco da gama first came to India, first he reached here, put a cross as a mark, which in turn gives this place the name "St Marry's island". To go this island, first you need to go to Malpe Harbor, there is Ferry service available to the island. From here real journey starts, I must say this is one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen, water is so clean, clear sky, and if you are lucky you will see few dolphins too. it takes 30 mins to reach the island, but you will enjoy each and every minute. Even though area wise it is very small, but it is good, as one side of beach have sand all over, while other have rocks, and did I mention the water clarity(:P). You can sit, roam around, play or whatever you want to do with that place. Just try to be there early, so that you can stay there for atleast 4-5 hours. And remember, last ferry will start from island at 5 PM.
                   After coming from island, you can go to the beach which is known as Malpe beach, although it is not good to take bath as so much sand and salt is there in the water. But you can spend hours just sitting there and watching sun set. And must say white sand has its own charm. I like it.

When to go
As Udupi's weather is same most of the time of year, just avoid the rainy season. Rest of the time you can go. And one more thing it is really hot in the day time, so be ready for sun burn.

You will get proper and all kind of food in Udupi, but be sure what you are eating, as sometimes they serve very weird things with fancy names. And you won't find anything at the island, so if you are planning to stay for long hours, just take drinking water and some snacks too. Apart from that I don't think anything else is required. If anything required it will be your part of experience, your stories to share with others.