Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Korean Folk Village

Finally I came out of Dan pretty much after one and half month of no trip at all. So it was refreshing to have a feel of chilly korean weather.

Let me share the experience of Korean Folk Village Trip in my usual way:

Where it is : Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do( Near to Suwon)

How to reach there : I will suggest you to use subway to reach Suwon Station. As from there you will find 2 buses (37 and 10-5). But I prefer 37, as it is better frequency. Also Tourism department provides free shuttle from Suwon station, but it has limited frequency, although I didn’t use it(may be my timing didn’t match).

What it is : It basically gives you the glimpse of the traditional korean village. you can say it is a musuem of an Korean Folk Village. You will find everything, like traditional home, their village council, items they used to use, shops etc.

What to do : Apart from vising all the places mentioned above. Management has made sure you dont get bored easily. As they have managed to have some 2 hours performance. First the traditional marriage ceremony, Folk music performance (awesome), rope performance (not that interesting) and performance by horse riders. It starts around 10:30 and they will repeat all performances from 2 PM.

After covering all these performance you can proceed to food court where you will find traditional korean folk food(veggies take your foods with you, no good option for you). Then you can go for the museum about korean culture.

Next is Amusement park, which covers haunted house, 4D movie Theater, many rides for children as well as adults.

Further, they have sculpture garden(good for you if you are art fan).

Finally there are few more museums related to other countries culture, you can check it out if you want.

how much it costs : Fee for adult is 15000 won(Admission ticket) and 20000 won(Admission + Amusement Ticket). I will suggest go for second option, as if you pay for rides individually it will cost you more.

Hope it helps you to plan.

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